Eye Care For Children

Worried about your child's eyesight?

Visual screening checks are carried out by doctors and health visitors, but they are never as thorough as an eye examination by a qualified optometrist.

Some eye defects are inherited and it is important that children have a full eye examination and that the optometrist is informed of any family history of eye problems.

Eye Tests For Children

A free NHS eye test is available to children under 16 or under 19 if in full time education. If glasses are prescribed, parents are entitled to help in the form of a voucher.

Eye Wear For Children

At Nusyte Opticians we stock a wide range of childrens frames that are modern, well designed and fully adjustable.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s eyesight, Nusyte Opticians will be happy to answer them.

Remember a child should always be accompanied by a respossible adult or carer.