Thinner & lighter

Lenses made in higher index materials to give a better cosmetic appearance. The higher the index the thinner the lens.

Light Reactive

Photochromatic lenses that change colour outdoors and give good UV protection. These lenses offer the best of both worlds. They protect your eyes in bright sun light when out doors, then return to clear when you go back inside. Two lenses for the price of one. These lenses will not change (i.e go darker) behind glass when driving.


Lenses that can eliminate glare when sun hits water or the rear windows of hatchback cars. Polarised lenses can not be used for night driving.

Impact resistant

Safety lenses that are ideal for some sports, hobbies, and DIY they come in all lens types single vision, bifocals and varifocals and are made from impact resistant materials. They even come in polarised and photochromatic.

Scratch resistant coating

Can prolong lens life and clarity ( see coatings page).

Although they will not prevent all scratches they do help to limit the number that occur. Scratch resistant coatings help to extend the life of your lenses by preventing some of the everyday marks that lenses pick up when glasses are not put down correctly.

All Nusyte Opticians scratch resistant coatings come with a guarantee.

Anti-reflection coating

Lets more light through the lens and reduces glare at night when driving.


Useful for out doors especially in sunny conditions by blocking UV radiation that can damage your eyesight.

Along with advances in lens design there has been a revolution in lens coatings. Todays coatings last longer, offer better vision and greater protection for lenses than ever before.

Nusyte Opticians offer the finest coatings on the optical scene from the worlds premier optical suppliers Essilor, Hoya, Kodak and Zeiss.

  • Essilor Lens
  • Hoya Lens
  • Kodak Lens
  • Essilor Lens
  • Zeiss Lens

All the coatings Nusyte Opticians offer come with a guarantee against accidental damage.*

* Please read and check the guarantee.

For more information please ask at a Nusyte practice