Prescription Lenses

To go with those brand new frames Nusyte Opticians can provide a wide range of quality lenses that will enhance your visual pleasure. From thinner lighter lenses, light sensitive, including anti-reflection coatings to the latest in varifocal design.

  • Essilor Lens
  • Hoya Lens
  • Kodak Lens
  • Essilor Lens
  • Zeiss Lens

The majority of our lenses are manufactured by highly regarded international manufacturers such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, and Kodak and all offer leading hi-tech designs to enhance your vision.

Prescription Glasses

Almost everybody will need prescription glasses at some point in their life, if not for distance wear then eventually for close work. This starts to take effect from the age of mid 40′s onwards.

Everyone's prescription will be unique to their eyes. Once your prescription is determined our staff will help you to choose a frame and lenses, and measure your eyes to ensure the optimum size and thickness of lenses for your prescription.

When ready, staff at Nusyte opticians will ensure that they are fitted properly and are performing correctly before you take them home.

For more information please ask at a Nusyte practice