Special Offer

Nusyte Opticians current special offer:

Upgrade to thin and light lenses at no extra cost.

Simply order the index you require with Forte coating, and you will be charged one index lower.

Runs from Feburary to April 2016

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Thin and Light Lenses

Modern lens materials, allied to computer-based design and manufacturing technologies, mean that manufacturers can make lenses that are thinner and lighter than have ever been possible before. With higher prescriptions, the differences can be extraordinary.

If you’re short sighted, the thickness of the edge of standard lenses can ruin the effect of an expensive designer frame, while if you are long sighted, conventional lenses can bulge out from the frame and magnify your eyes.

Modern thin and light lenses have put an end to these drawbacks.

Even though Thin and Light lenses are thinner, they’re nevertheless very resistant to breakage.

Airwear Thin and Light lenses offer unmatched protection from impact and 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation.

They don’t just look better - thinner lenses are naturally lighter, so they’re much more comfortable to wear.

We have a range of Thin and Light lenses, including Lineis 1.74, Stylis 1.67 and Airwear 1.6, each offering slightly different benefits. So, whether you wear single vision lenses or Varilux, ask us about Thin and Light lenses which can really make the most of your new spectacles.

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